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Many facets of beloved restaurants


Many facets of beloved restaurants


KFC and McDonald’s are all around us, and we never seem to think how these public dining places came into being. These days’ families do not sit and eat dinner as was the custom a few centuries before. Life is fast, and we often grab a quick bite from restaurants or even sit down to have a luxurious meal. We never think about the intricacies whenever we are on a date or a birthday party. So let us see some ways the restaurants developed:


  • In the old and medieval age, the modern day restaurants didn’t quite exist. There were inns and taverns which provided travelers with food and accommodation. The food was often crude, and alcohol was provided as the travelers were mainly peasants and merchants.
  • We can state the French Revolution a cause for the restaurants we have today. Unemployed chefs opened new eateries in Paris with enhanced dining features like China, cutleries, etc. French people now could have tasted delicacies always, and this spread across Europe and the rest of the world. Luxury tourism in the later age also gave rise to the need for more restaurants.
  • Chain Restaurants became popular as establishments like McDonald’s grew which provided cheap fast food quite like the assembly line of Henry Ford. In the coming ages, more such restaurants were formed to include all forms of customers. These days you can find everything from a fine dinner to a cheap pizzeria to entice the hunger of people. Restaurants became an integral part of the fast paced life of people.

Popular chain restaurants:

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • T.G.I Friday’s
  • Red Lobster
  • Chili’s
  • OliveGarden
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin’ Donuts


The love of restaurants has grown for the whole world. Big fast food chains have reached countries like India and China, and they are now literally obsessed with the western food. But in spite of these people should always be wary of fast food as it is linked to a number of diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and blood pressure which are quite bad for the body. Fast food can be taken in moderation but not in excess.