Understand The Core Concepts Related To Castle Clash


 If you are playing the Castle Clash, then you will find lots of heroes in it. By using these great heroes in the war, players are able to gain more and more benefits. If we talk more about these heroes, then they are a special type of unit, and they are very crucial to get success in the game. A hero can be placed in the base of hero for using in offensive and also for the defense. Make sure, they can reach only on the level 200 stars end and start from level 1. Castle Clash Cheats is the most advantages method of earning the currencies, so keep your eye on it.  

How to upgrade the heroes?

It is very crucial for the players to upgrade the heroes of the unit, so try to pay attention to their upgrading techniques. Make sure, you can easily enhance the experience in the raids, Dungeons and Here Be Monster or also by consuming Tomes. When a hero reaches the level of 20th, then a star level upgrade will come on apex and required more gold, Fires and the Honor Badge for upgrading. In addition to this, you don’t need to upgrade the start level that will results in hero no longer earning the experience.

What are Honor badges?

If we talk about the Honor badges, then they are useful for getting a chance to grab Slime or common hero. There is also a little chance that we can get an elite hero with these honor badges. If you are going to use the Castle Clash Cheats, then it would be best for you to earning the currencies. These useful gems will prove supportive for you earning the more and more fund online, so keep your eye on it.