WWE Supercard Summary and review


Know about the category of cards and more

Beyond any doubt, WWE Supercards is the unique card game. Developed by 2K games, WWE Supercards is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This game requires cards to collect that could be Divas, Superstars & legends. There are various types of cards, try to collect all of them and make the strongest team and fight with other rivals. There are more ways to unlock players with the help of WWE Supercard hack tool it will be way too easy.

Know about player Supercard category

 At the beginning of the game, you will have only tan cards including rare, common & uncommon. There are several types of matches you can try and gain higher experience points with rewards too. There are four types of statistics on every card i.e., Power, Toughness, Charisma & speed. Do you want to know more about cards? Read below –

Super Rare
Wrestle Mania

Well, there are more cards available in game, but as you can see those cards, I mention above are mostly used cards in the entire game.

Matches and Rewards

The game contains so many types of matches, and every player has many ways to earn points so they can customize their cards and upgrade. Matches like – Royale Rumble, Elimination Chamber, King of the Ring, Money in the bank, and Hell in a Cell. These are some match that reward with extremely high rewards. These matches have higher earning points but toughest matches among the game. You still can upgrade your cards without playing these matches using WWE Supercard hack tool services.